Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

motivation-circle1One of the greatest challenges with conducting independent research is maintaining appropriate motivation.  You HAVE to be self-directed and independent.  What factors make you a motivated individual, capable of success?  Take the Motivational DNA test, get the results and report back here in 100-200 proofed succinct words.  Feel free to include text from the test, which do NOT count as part of the word count.

28 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. Joe B Says:

    Some factors what make me a motivated individual are, that when I am intrusted in something and I get into it, I stick with it and always push to make it better. For instance I love to cook and want to do that for a living when I graduate high school and when I am cooking and make a recipe for the first time and even if it does not come out well or if it does come out great I always try to improve it to make it even better than it was before. I have a dream over opening a seafood Italian restaurant of my own someday and that dream keeps me motivated to push to do the best I can do to get my name to stick out to get a scholarship to get into a good culinary college to make my dream come true.

  2. Gannon F Says:

    Motivation is an important factor in an independent research project. What motivates me is a new way to look at things. Failure bothers me, and I will often think about things that did not work or did not work as efficiently as planned. The failed experiment sticks itself in my thoughts until I figure out a solution, and when I do, I am excited to run the next experiment and move forward on the project. Another more direct motivator is music. While working on a project, some of the tests can be extensively frustrating or boring. If this is ever a problem, I listen to a good song to keep me calm and focused.

  3. Amanda W. Says:

    Motivation always seems to be my main downfall when working. I will start out my project with all types of goals and ambitions, but as time goes on my enthusiasm starts to fade away. This was confirmed in the DNA test which my results came back as the explorer (CVE), whose de-motivators include routine and isolation. The CVE motivator that seems to be the most accurate about my personality was the need and freedom to do things “my” way. Luckily I am able to do this in applied research which will help me this year with my goal to stay self-motivated and on task for the entirety of the class. I plan to do this by choosing a project that is more interesting to me, but will still have the appropriate audience.

  4. steph v. Says:

    The factors that make me a motivated individual and capable of success are that I never give up. I am a very stubborn person and fight until I retrieve the answer I am looking for. For the applied research class, this will help me to keep myself motivated. My motivational DNA type is PVE a.k.a. the champion. This fits me because I love to win and “don’t mind being the center of attention” ( I have gotten through many obstacles in my life and never give up. Some of my motivators include contests and public recognition. I am a very competitive person so I think this applied research class was a good choice for me and I will always be motivated to find my answer to the problem.

  5. Amy P. Says:

    Since motivation is such an important factor to an independent research project being completed, it is necessary to be able to identify these motivators. For me, one of the most important motivators on my path to success is the image I demonstrate towards my classmates and teachers. To me self-image is very important for success and I always tend to be more on the quiet side and just take in the information being given, in order to use it most efficiently. Since I would like my work to be well appreciated and not looked upon as a failure, this motivator is especially important. On the motivational DNA test, my result was a CSE explorer. The information that was provided as an explanation was very accurate, especially in the de-motivators section where high-pressure deadlines and rapid change were listed. Hopefully, with this new found information and the everlasting motivator of self-image, I will be able to achieve in the future, what I am working hard for now.

  6. David S. Says:

    Motivation is a huge part in an independent research project, because there is no set outcome to what is going to happen and when things go bad you need to have motivation to get things on track. I am a person that does not give up very easy and never backs down from a fight. As shown in the get motivated quiz, “The champion” this conquers the point that I love when I win and succeed and strive to get back on the winning track when I do lose. In my book last year’s project was kind of a failure because I did not get as far as I wanted, this sticks in to the back of my mind when motivation is needed.

  7. Charles W. Says:

    At the end of the day, we as the independent researchers have to be motivated as much as possible. The ones with the most heart are the ones that will yield the biggest results. For me personally, I consider myself extremely motivated. At times, the work can get really hard, almost making you want to quit, showing you the side of yourself that you didn’t think could be so weak. After a year of the applied research class, I learned that if you aren’t mature enough, there is no way that you will ever make your dreams. For me, all I can say is that my luck in last years’ science fair was not completely due to hard work. Sure, many hours were spent working on the project, but it wasn’t my all. Last year was luck and that’s all that can be said. I offended many people that were important to me, such as my very own mentor. Even through all that he never gave up on me though. For that I will always owe him and will respect him more then I will ever respect anyone. All I know now is that I finally grew up. My motivation reminds me every day of what I have to do to be the best at my work, and I won’t stop until I make it to the top. The test results said I was an Explorer, or one that is a creative problem-solver. The description, in my mind, seemed to match me completely. Due to my creative side, my advantage at finding creative solutions will always help me. I can only hope the motivation stays strong and that I continue to fuel it every day.

  8. Jared S. Says:

    Despite how many people tell you that you can motivate yourself no matter what, it is just not true. A natural human instinct is to do just the opposite of that…to hold off what you are most hesitant of. The online survery I just took yielded exactly the results I would expect for me had it been 100% accurate. I am categorized a P.S.I., short for Production-Stability-Internal. My strengths are organizing people to work well in a group to a common goal, but a downfall of this is that I can’t stand when people fail to achieve this goal. The survey could not have been more right. Another trait of the P.S.I. motivator is that they are motivated by positive feed back from, in most cases, a positive contribution to a worthwhile cause. Once again the survery nails my exact feelings.
    Consequently, the predictions of my weaknesses include the very things which hinder my success most, PROCRASTINATION, slackers, and self doubt. My only chance is to fight the burning urge to procrastinate and trudge through the bad times…to the success.

  9. Caitlin O. Says:

    Since motivation is so important to the work that is done in Applied Research class, I know that over the course of the year I am going to need to work to stay motivated, even though an experiment might not turn out as planned. I like to follow procedures and think things through one step at a time; improvisation does not come naturally to me. The online survey categorized me as a Connection- Stability- Internal, a CSI, or The Supporter. I was surprised by how accurate the survey was. One of the characteristics of a CSI is the willingness to help others achieve their goals and that need to follow procedures that I mentioned. Not only that, but the de-motivators were circumstances that I find to be incredibly difficult to work through, such as the need for rapid change. I believe that organizing what I need to do before beginning to work on my project will help me stay motivated throughout the year, as it is a way to avoid rapid change as much as possible.

  10. Tyler W. Says:

    I feel that one of my biggest strengths in this class, along with other science courses I am taking or have taken, is my motivation. I have a great passion for science, especially when it comes to projects like Applied Research, in which the science is all focused on what I want it to be focused on. Thus, it came as no surprise to me that we would discuss motivation, as I am sure that it is the key for success in this field. Like others, I was not surprised at the “Motivation Personality Quiz” results. It classified me as “The Director”, and one particular bit that I felt resonated with me was : Directors excel in organizations that allow them some autonomy”. This is completely how I feel I work best. I have the inner motivation to do my work, and I enjoy the freedom to do it alone and with minimal interruptions or other people to get in the way of my thinking. I feel that the strongest motivation any person can have does not come from financial gains or outside peer pressure, but from within themselves.

  11. Skyler W Says:

    Motivation is the key to success in an independent research project. Without any drive, goals or personal will to complete something, independent work would be difficult. I find myself to be very motivated if the topic of research is something I enjoy or is important to me. If I am not interested personally about what I am doing, then I will not have the enthusiasm to put a lot of effort into my work. I like to have little constraints when working on a project; the free will to be creative inspires me to challenge myself and develop creative ideas. On the motivational DNA test, it said that my motivational type was the PSI, or the Director. For the most part, the results were accurate because I “have an eye for detail and energy for execution,” which is true. The test said that I am motivated by challenge, so creating goals to reach and deadlines will encourage me to get more work done efficiently. My de-motivators include deadlines that are not specific; I like to know how I should manage my time wisely. If I do not have a future goal to reach, then I might not be productive and finish my work within the time period. Also, I think that motivation does not mean being egged on by other people; you have to enjoy what you’re doing and have that inner will to push yourself to complete and execute tasks.

  12. Emily S Says:

    My results showed that my motivational DNA Type was a PVI, (Production-Variety-Internal)- otherwise known as the visionary. One of the characteristics included being persistent, a characteristic that I though fit my personality very well (either that or stubbornness). Some of my motivators include respect from peers as well as open opportunities to express and create original ideas. I personally tend to thrive and produce the best work while under pressure, and this test mentioned the ability to think positively and quickly. This motivation test inspires me to come up with a basic idea and structure for my project, and when obstacles come along during the course of my project, I will be able to quickly think of a solution that may be creative.

  13. David T. Says:

    Motivation is a major key to success to anyone’s endeavors. If someone is not motivated then they do not have any need to accomplish anything. However, I do not think that any course of motivational test or seminars can change ones personal motivation. It is up to the person to be feel motivated by themselves and they should not rely on some course to give them increased confidence. It is not wrong for someone to look for support to keep their spirits high but I do not think that it is necessary for one to rely on the word of others in order to get them through the hard parts of life. The biggest motivation for anyone should be their own personal goals and dreams and not what another person thinks of them. The opinion that matters most is your personal opinion and that should be a person’s biggest motivation.

  14. Dan S Says:

    Motivation for me comes from the ability to do as I feel in the manner that I choose. Through the DNA test, I was determined to be a person (Chief, PSE) who is one that feels a great need to be able to structure the environment around me in the working area. My type of person requires the room to work as he pleases, giving time and power to think and do things properly. My main reason to stay motivated is not to achieve something extraordinary, but to have my goals completed and get a pat on the back. However, the ability to work on my own and have autonomy over the situation gives me the ability to work better, longer, since group work remains to be full of hassles.

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