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A wordle of your introduction

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Please visit 

Copy and paste the text from your introduction and create a Wordle.  Print the Wordle to a PDF file and upload it to the Moodle.  Also print a hard copy to display in class. 

In 100-200 proofed, succinct words, summarize what the Wordle has to tell you about your introduction.  Post that response here by Friday, January 8.

Midterm Abstracts

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Please post your abstract of your research here for your classmates to view and analyze in preparation for the MidTerm Oral Exam.

The abstract should be succinct, proofed, and between 200-300 words. Post your abstract here so other students may read it to prepare questions for your oral exam on January 22nd.Your exam grade will be based on:

 1.) your written abstract
2.) your responses to student questions
3.) questions you ask other students

Use the following links and samples to assist in producing a high-quality abstract.

 Writing an abstract. Click here

 Practical Tips for Science Writing. Click here