A wordle of your introduction

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Please visit www.wordle.net 

Copy and paste the text from your introduction and create a Wordle.  Print the Wordle to a PDF file and upload it to the Moodle.  Also print a hard copy to display in class. 

In 100-200 proofed, succinct words, summarize what the Wordle has to tell you about your introduction.  Post that response here by Friday, January 8.

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26 Responses to “A wordle of your introduction”

  1. Caitlin O. Says:

    The wordle of my introduction shows that my introduction is largely to the point since the words E. coli, methanol, energy, and bacteria are among the largest in the picture. The purpose of my introduction is to set the stage for my project, which is the reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol through E. coli, creating a possibly viable carbon neutral fuel source. Since these words are the largest in the wordle, they are used the most in my introduction, which is fortunate since all are closely connected to the purpose of my project. Unfortunately, the word used is also one of the largest in the wordle. This demonstrates my need to find a word to replace used (such as utilized) in the future.

  2. Emily Says:

    The wordle of my introduction shows that my paper largely focuses on the word Vitamin since the focus of my project has to deal with Vitamin E. Other important words that came up were blisters, treatment, alginate, films, and skin. All of these words are key elements to my introduction because they are the focus of my project. My introduction gives the reader an idea of the basic background in blisters and some basic information about the materials being used in the project. Another word that appeared to be important in the wordle was Schimelpfenig, an important source that I cited in my paper.

  3. Stephanie V Says:

    Dr. LaBanca asked us to create a wordle for our introduction. So I copy and pasted my 10 page introduction to the wordle site and the wordle came out very awesome. The biggest words, meaning the words that were being used the most were magnets, magnet, magnetic, electricity, circuit, friction, current, and pole. This describes my project since it is a self-sustaining magnetic generator that has to do with electricity friction, poles, and circuits. Some smaller words were generator, permanent, spin ferromagnetism, device, electromagnet, field, voltage, and wire. This wordle created a collage of words that described my introduction in about 100 words. I learned from this wordle that my project is mostly about magnets, which is true.

  4. Alicja Z. Says:

    According to the Wordle, the focus of my introduction is heat which is the basis of the entire project, in an essence. Other large important words included body, baby, neonate, blanket, loss, thermoregulation, and temperature. My introduction provides background information about the importance of neonatal thermoregulation. Preventing heat loss and regulating body temperature is vitally important for the baby. The word blanket addresses the idea of my project of developing a blanket that will help a neonate regulate their body heat. Other words that stand out include radiant, heater, and incubator which help support my project because their appearance in the Wordle demonstrates that I have addressed the current methods used to promote neonatal thermoregulation. Overall, I concluded that my main focus of my introduction is driven by information pertaining to the basis of my project as well as my reasoning to doing the project.

  5. Dan S. Says:

    My wordle has shown that the largest words with the highest amounts of appearances in my introduction are nanotubes, tendons and collagen. This is an accurate representation of my project and my introduction, since it focuses on the regrowth of tendons through the production of collagen with nanotubes graphed inside. However, while this shows that I may be talking about the main ideas and subjects often enough to convey my points, there is a high amount of appearances from the words make and formed, which is not good. These words will get the point across easily, but it makes my literature appear to be of poor quality since it does not have advanced, technical language that applies directly to the subject that my interest is in.

  6. Kathleen M Says:

    I put the introduction of my project into wordle.net. The biggest word was rice. This is coherent because my project is based around the study of a certain variety of rice. Also, other significantly larger words included genetic, modification, and LL601 rice. The variety of rice I’m looking into is called LL601 rice. This rice is genetically modified and contains a gene which provides resistance to Liberty Link herbicide. I used these words quite frequently in my intro because my project explores the genetics of rice and includes a search for the presence of this specific genetic modification in commercial rice.

  7. Gannon F Says:

    The wordle that was created around my introduction paper contains many words that summarize my project. The first and largest of which being “piezoelectric”. This word indicates the materials being uses as a power source in my project. The project is based around piezoelectric materials, and is about using them as a form of alternative energy. Another word is “poly-crystal”, which was used to describe the structure of piezoelectric materials. They are made of many individual symmetrical crystal lattices, thus, a piezoelectric material is called a poly-crystal. “Curie” is a third word used, which is part of the phrase “Curie Point”. The Curie Point of a piezoelectric material is the temperature at which the crystal’s inner atom moves to the center of the crystal lattice, neutralizing the crystal. These words are some of the more major words in the wordle created around my project.

  8. Tyler W. Says:

    The wordle for my research intro had three main words in large text: “computers”, “superconductors”, and “cooling”. I think that this is exactly the sort of word spread that I want. The fact is that my project is not really so much about superconductors, but instead computers. It is all about improving computers. So that suits the project as a first main word. The second word, superconductors, is a very good sub-heading for that top word “computers”, because in my quest for improving computers, I am looking at superconductors and their application in processing capability. And of course, a good qualifying term for “superconductors” is “cooling”, because in order to have superconductors, I need a good cooling system, and that is a very specific goal of my project. I feel that the fact that I am happy with these words that were enlarged means that I did a good job of getting my point across in the introduction.

  9. Jared S. Says:

    My research project rendered just the wordle I had predicted. The three main words were “Maize, Corn, and Organic”. These are just the words I thought would appear once the wordle was finished processing my introduction. What can be deduced from the wordle is that a large deal of my project is related to maize; this makes sense when the title is compared: Protein Mutations in Agricultural Maize. In fact the entire project is centered on determining organic sincerity in agricultural maize. With the three main words of the wordle being corn maize and organic, I feel that the wordle proved to accurately depict in a clear and succinct fashion the motives of my research project.

  10. Amy P. Says:

    After creating my wordle, it was quite clear that my introduction was able to convey the points that I had wanted it to. The wordle had “probiotics” as the biggest word, then “bacteria” following it. Since my introduction was mainly about probiotics being good bacteria, the wordle accurately depicted this. Also among the larger words was “benefits”, “foods”, and “manufacturing” – these words also tie into my project because I will be testing the foods containing probiotics to verify their benefits after undergoing manufacturing and environmental changes. I feel the wordle accurately described my introduction, as scattered amongst the words are also ones such as “yogurts”, “future”, and “studies”. All of these words are also important because I will be especially testing yogurt, as that is the most popular probiotic product on the market. I am also completing my experiment in order to prove that in the future more studies need to be done on these products, because as of now there are a limited number – thus leaving the consumer to purchase expensive “probiotic” products with no extra benefits.

  11. David S. Says:

    After completing the wordle it is very clear to me that the word Biodiesel was used way more than any other word. The word Biodiesel was at least 3 times bigger than any other word, but this is a very important word because that is the end product in the project. If that word was not stated than readers would have a hard time realizing what the project was trying to accomplish. Transesterfication is another word that is large compared to others. This is the process that actually produces the fuel, it is also important cause that is the science behind the project.

  12. Brian B. Says:

    After creating my wordle my guess on the most used words was right, those words were: Copper, Sulfate, Laser, Crystal, Pentahydrate, diffraction, and water. The reason these words were used the most is because they are the most important words in this project. Also I noticed the title and the largest words of my moodle were similar, the title was: The Diffraction (used) of Copper (Used) Sulfate (used) Crystals (Used) through Laser (Used) Light. What I also found was that I did not have a very scientific vocabulary, I used words like: kind, also, good, make, looked, and good. Although these words seem like fine words to describe things, I found it bad that they were used so much they were able to show up in my wordle.

  13. Joe G Says:

    After creating the wordle from my introduction I noticed that the most prevalent words were muscle, joint, memory, shoulder, and basketball. I was not surprised that these words were used the most because my project is mainly based off of these topics. Muscle is used a lot because I talked a lot about muscle memory, and muscle in the anatomy of the shoulder. Joint and shoulder were used a lot because I used these words a lot in the anatomy of the shoulder. Finally, basketball was used frequently because my whole project is about how to improve somebody’s shot in basketball.

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