Videoconference with Dr. Lisa Kaplan

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Dr. Lisa Kaplan will be hosting our next videoconference on Wednesday.  Dr. Kaplan and I have collaborated together in the past, and she was actually interviewed by previous students in 2005.  Read about it here.  Please prepare questions for Dr. Kaplan.  Her presentation will deal with careers in biotechnology and toxicology.

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6 Responses to “Videoconference with Dr. Lisa Kaplan”

  1. Gannon F. Says:

    1.) What is one of the most difficult/abstract cases you have come across?

    2.) Has your research in toxicology ever lead you to other parts of the world?

    3.) What is one case that sticks in your mind more than most?

  2. Amanda W. Says:

    How did you decide you wanted to go into your field of work?

    Do you see more women in the field now than when you started?

    Whats the most rewarding part of your work?

  3. David Samuelmand Says:

    1. What made you want to go into this field of work.
    2. Do you enjoy your job.
    3. What is the most challenging this about your job.

  4. Dylan S Says:

    1) What does the every day life of a biotechnologist/toxicologist consist of?
    2) Did you always want to become a biotechnologist/toxicologist?
    3) Do you find your job rewarding?

  5. Tyler W. Says:

    1) Would you say that your field of science is particularly more important than any other, considering you deal with dangerous substances that could harm life?

    2) Has there ever been any high safety concern or breaches when working on your research?

    3) Is toxicology a large or small part of the scientific community?

  6. Charles W. Says:

    1. What made you want to take up this field as a profession?
    2. Do you sometimes wish you’d gone into some other field?
    3. Are there many openings in this field in todays economy?