Occupational Therapy Videoconference

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Tara Glennon will present our next videoconference, complete with props.  Please review her (short) biography and submit two questions to ask her during her presentation.


Tara Glennon is a Quinnipiac graduate (1985) and has been a pediatric therapist for almost 25 years.  She owns the Center for Pediatric Therapy with two offices in CT (Fairfield and Wallingford) and is also a professor in Quinnipiac’s OT department.  She publishes regularly and presents nationally on pediatric occupational therapy practice. 



8 Responses to “Occupational Therapy Videoconference”

  1. Amanda W. Says:

    Do you find it easier to work with children more than adults?

    Whats the most interesting case you have ever worked on?

    Since you have been practicing for 25 years have you noticed as time goes on a difference in cases?

  2. David S. Says:

    1. What drove you to become a pediatric therapist.

    2. What is the most rewording part of being a pediactric therapist.

  3. Gannon F. Says:

    Over the 25 years you have been a pediatric therapist, has there been one case that stuck in your head the most? A case that taught you a lesson or motivated you to act upon something (a case that affected you personally)?

    What was the most common case 25 years ago compared to the most common case today? Has it gotten worse or better over time?

  4. John K Says:

    What did it require to create your own buisness?

    What would you say was the cost for the props used?

  5. The Red Wonder Says:

    1. what are the greatest challenges when working with small children?
    2. when working with children, how difficult is it to determine the severity of the injury or illness plagueing the patient?

  6. Dylan S Says:

    What got you interested in pediatric therapy?

    What type of papers do you publish, and where can these papers be found?

  7. Tyler W. Says:

    1) Does it require any special skills or temperance to deal with children instead of adults? (i.e. more patience, humor, etc.)

    2) What sort of courses can be taken in high school to prepare someone hoping to take up a pediatric job?

  8. Charles W. Says:

    Where do you find the time to do all the work necesary to run your facilities?
    What would you say is the most rewarding part about being a therapist for children?
    Have you ever had a bad experience working in this field?