Kelly L’s Choice Project

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Kelly has created a robotics website. Please check it out and provide feedback.

Feedback should include:
What you like
What needs to be clarified
Questions you have
Suggestions and/or other comments

21 Responses to “Kelly L’s Choice Project”

  1. Alex de Brantes Says:

    Kelly The page is nice overall I like how you have the game that apeals to kids of all ages and fairly detailed information on robots. For a matter of clarification you may want to talk more about the accident in 1986. Also I think you should change the links scroll bar because it boring to be waiting for your link to come back around after it passes. I was wondering I know you have the levels of intelligence in your page but how far away do you think we from a robot that is in the movie I Robot

  2. Kelly L. Says:

    If you don’t want to wait for the link to come around you can click on the picture at the side of the page. Those are the same links. I’m sorry, I should have specified that on the web page. I never saw Irobot, it’s about robots taking over the world right? By 2050 Robots should have human intelligence, but hopfully they will be binded by amos’s laws. I’ll have to look that up so I can answer it more specificly though. Thankyou for taking the time to look at my page and comment.

  3. Sam Says:

    i really liked ur website but in the introduction i would reccomend you should expand on the “potential dangers” of a robot. Also you should make your introduction larger font to create less blank space. I really liked you links esspecially Robotics Future and the game because it is appealing to numerous site vistors. The only problem with the links is it takes a long time to find the link you want as it scrolls. But overall i think you have good information and your website is affective.

  4. Kelly L. Says:

    Thank you for the feed back. Some of the problems are fixed :)

  5. Sarah Peck Says:

    This page was really interesting. I learned so much about where robots will be and what makes them unique.I liked the layout, the visuals and the feel of the site. I would have liked to see the limits of robots as well as the strengths. I think it would be nice to include what the projected times are, and for times that have already passed, where those goals achieved? The website was clear and easy to understand. Good job!

  6. alex albritton Says:

    Kelly the page looks awsome the definition at the first is great and the links give alot of usfule information. That rover game is fun. I didnt understand though what actuators are in the how it works link how do they make robots move. Also how did you get the time frame on the future advancements for robots.

  7. kendra Says:

    Kelly: I really liked your website. It is very informative on most aspects of the uses of robots, future of robots, and creation of robots. I especially liked the timeline segment. It seemed to me like something people 20 or 30 years ago were thinking about. What the future holds for robots, ect. Hopefully that timeline is more accurate, considering most people thought robots would be more prominent in our society today. Also, the part about Issac Asimov and the three laws of robotics was very interesting also. As I can already see, though, you have not seen the movie I Robot. It wasnt that great. But it did mention the three laws quite a bit, so I thought it was an interesting that somebody actually created those laws in real life. The only problems I saw on your website was that there were some spelling errors. Also, as sam said, i think you should have explained more on the dangers of robots. It might end up being a very important concern one day. Once again, i thought it was awsome.
    –Kendra O’Connor

  8. maricate Says:

    Nice webpage! I think that the timeline section could be expanded, I found this to be the most interesting part of your website, as did some other bloggers, so maybe you can capitalize on it. I never knew robots were so complicated and had so many aspects to consider when producing a robot. I have a question about the senses of a robot, do they really have senses similar to humans? And if so, is it of the same intensity? One other suggestion- fill the space on your introduction.. maybe make a bullet list or another graphic. GOOD JOB!


  9. Laura Konkos Says:

    Kelly I enjoyed your website and your interest in this field. This setup seemed very simple and easy for all ages to understand. More research facts, information specific scientists have found or researched, and more information on the accident in 1986 as well as elaboration on how and why the future of robots is calculated in the timeline that was present. Just a few questions I’m personally interested in is the fact that nanotechnology is supposed to be very important in our near future, what do you believe this will have to do with robots and what information is there on nanotechnology and robots? Also since I am dealing with an oil spill, how are the robots used in spills that you have mentioned and if you could elaborate on that more..if not maybe I can speak to you and get some good links where I could find that information on my own if you would like as well. Also maybe something on myths of robots and reality of robots would be interesting, because alot of us have a preconditioned idea of what robots are through movies, etc.Also, last year or the year before at JSHS there was a kid who created a robot with other students and presented an oral presentation on it there, so if you ask Mr.Labanca maybe he can give you the guys name and you can see what similar kids, around your age, with similar interests, did within this field.hope this helps*

  10. Kelly Says:

    The Future page was based off of the rate our technology has advanced thus far and are also based off goals that scientists have for the future of robotics.

    Thanks for your suggestion about robotics accomplishments from the past sarah! did you know leonardo divinci created a sketch and scematics for a robot? The science channel does a show in which they take leonardo’s plans for inventions and duplicate them. It wasn’t exactly a robot, but quite an advancment in robotics for the time period!

    maricate: robots senses are not exactly like ours, because it would be a programming nightmare to create a robot that could decipher such things. They can distinguish some gasses (smell) and they use other ways to “see” through infared light, but not how we see it, basily just colors or light to let the robot know the object it there. I don’t think they can touch just yet. They have things more like bump sensors where if the bump into somthing a signal is sent that lets them know.Robots will have human intelligence eventually, but I don’t know if they will have senses like us to the same intensity, I’ll have to research that. I not really sure exactly how some senses work either… I have to look at that too.

    Laura: Robots are used to detect oil spills

    I’m not exactly sure how they cope with them using robots yet. It’s interesting you bring up nanotechnology though because I have heard of nanobot’s being used in oil spills. (compliments of google),%20Toni.ppt < -- And here's a cute little slide show. Sorry about all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Thank you for looking at my webpage :)

  11. Harriet Morgan Says:

    I really liked your website, the set-up was very simple but it had a lot of information. Adults as well as kids could understand it. I found the information on your site really interesting, such as: the robots being able to climb up the volcanos, and also how the robots have most of the same sences as us as well as a few extras, like magnetic field sences. One thing you might want to consider is to include some more on the bad aspects of robots, not just the good things. All in all I really enjoyed your website!!

  12. Rebecca Reed Says:

    Kelly, I really loved your website. It had some great information on it. I like the setup too. I think it is really interesting all the ways that the robots are used for recreation instead of just work. Sometimes it seems science progresses faster for entertainement than for practical uses. Your information on ALBO was incredible. It’s hard to believe they have a robot that sophiticated already. I think it would be useful if you had more about how robots are made or what they’re made of. Such as elaborating on the actuator which I know other people mentioned. The timeline for the future of robotics has also been mentioned frequently and I agree that it was definitely one of the more interesting parts of the web site. I have a question about the three laws by Isaac Asimov. I know you haven’t seen the movie, I robot, and I don’t know if you’ve read the book, but in both the robots that humans created gained a higher intelligence than humans, and were able to outsmart the three laws. I was just wondering if, from your research, you think it is possible that in the future after robots have achieved the intelligence level of a human, that it would be possible for their intelligence to surpass that of a human, considering that humans built them. I was just curious, since your timeline stopped once robots became as smart as humans. Again, great job on the website. It was really good!

  13. Dan Bunger Says:

    Hey Kelly, i liked the timeline alot, i never realized that within my lifetime there could be robots with human intelligence. I was wondering how robots with super-human intelligence would be used? This might draw certain issues into the spotlight, possibly they could figure out how to program themselves. I don’t know, it just seems like it would be dangerous and unecessary to create such intelligent robots. Otherwise i liked your website, it was informative, but not boring. Good job.

  14. LaBanca Says:

    Anyone posting past this point has a late assignment. It was due on Friday.


  15. Luke Says:

    Sorry I am late. But I think your website is great, but I think your have to fix your scrolling links. It gets annoying, because I had to wait like ten seconds to get to the game, and when I clicked on it didn’t show up. Overall, I learned a lot from looking at the site. I did not know how robots worked before this website.

  16. Ivan Says:

    Your website is great and very informative! Its a good source of information about robots in general, to provide almost anyone with the basic information needed to understand robots. I think you should talk a little more about BEAM, as they seem to be very interesting devices. Also, how do you think true artificial intelligence would work? Would it simply follow an algorhythm so complex with so many variables that it just seems like intelligence, or would it truly be able make a decision on its own, just like true biological intelligence?

  17. gabby Says:

    sorry im so late kelly! i think my computer didnt load part of your site because i was unable to click on some of your links? it just must be my retarded computer! I really like your set up, its simple and makes the site easy to navigate, which is good for people who really dont know how to use websites!! youre information is very informative, but not too complex, so it made it easy to read and understand! I really like how you broke up one of your pages into the categories, “working, playing and exploring” because it focused the information and it was all really interesting info! concise and to the point! i didnt really see any graphics on the page (this could be because of my computer) but if not, i think it would be a good addition to youre website, which is already really well put together! great job! _gabby nastri

  18. drew Says:

    Sorry Kelly I haven’t been able to get onto the website all weekend and when I did the links wouldnt load for things such as the games. But I think thats just my computer. The site was great. You did a great job and spent a lot of time on it. The only thing I would suggest is to not have the font in pink. It does make the site look nicer, but it takes away from the seriousness and scientific facts that you spent so much time putting in there. But other than that great job and I’m sorry im late.

  19. sarah gutbrod Says:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on your website! It is very well done aesthitically and regarding the information you have in it. I think that the organization of such a website is very important to being able to understand the information and you did a great job orgainzing it in a simplistic but very effective and easy to follow manner. The order of the different links is very logical. The first one really grabs your attention instead of starting with the technical “who do they work” which was a great decision. All three are filled with great information for a basic intorduction to robotics and I loved all your examples of past projects and those in the future. I think they really add to your website and although there are some where I wouold like to know more about the robot, specifically as many others have said, the one used in the Chernobyl accident, I still think the way you incoporated the others is very well done. I understand that the website is not based solely on these examples and that might be why you did not want to say too much about them but I really think you need more on the first one in order to understand how robot’s are being used in places of high radiation. There were a few spelling mistakes which did not take away from the website but it would be more professional without them. Otherwise you did a really good job organizing and presenting this information!

  20. Lauren Says:

    Kelly –
    Overall I definitely think that the page is really cool – I had no idea that in our lifetime there will probably be robots that can function at almost the same level as humans. Though many others said that they thought you should add more to the specific examples, I think it’s fine the way it is – it seems as though this website is for the common person the whole site provides a fine overview. I think the fact that you used examples of how different robots are used in so many different situations really opens the eye as to just how great a benefit robots are. The layout and visuals are definitely helpful and make the website easy to read and navigate. I think that if you wanted to make your page more techinical you could elaborate on a bunch of the examples you provided, it would take the page to another level. I do have one question, in your website you said that by 2050 robots would basically be able to operate on the same level as humans…how would this happen and from where are these projectiles? In the overall scope of things that seems so soon…I’m just wondering what steps exactly are being taken to acheive this – I think that adding this to your website as a “fun fact” or something would be a good idea, just because it almost seemes far fetched.

  21. Elisabeth Iburg Says:

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