Please comment in 100-200 proofed, succinct words about the occupational therapy videoconference.  What did you like?  What needs improvement?  What have you learned?


3 Responses to “Occupational Therapy Videoconference Debriefing”

  1. David S. Says:

    Some things I liked about the Occupational Therapy videoconference was how they explained in detail what they exactly did. Instead of just giving examples of what they did, each one explained for a few minutes on a day of what they do. Another thing that I liked was they did not just talk for a really long time. This was of doing it was much better than just lecturing the whole time. Leaving a lot of time for questions gave everyone a better understanding of exactly what OT’s do. The lady in the middle, blue shirt was kind of boring. She talked in a monotone that was hard to pay attention to. She did not make her talk very interesting; she was talking very quite that also made it hard to pay attention to.

  2. Gannon F. Says:

    This video conference was much more interesting than the other ones because two of the three speakers spoke about their jobs with passion. They seemed to be enjoying their occupations and spoke about them with confidence, making them easier to listen to and interesting. In the past video conferences, the presenters read information from a powerpoint, not really adding their own spin on the career they spoke about. This time, the presenters spoke from experience about the job from their point of view instead of a business/school/financial point of view, making it much more interesting and meaningful.

  3. Tyler W. Says:

    The video conference about Occupational Therapy was one of the better presentations we have had. The presenters did not focus too much on statistics or cold facts, but related the knowledge more to their own experiences. It was easy to tell that they were all very dedicated to their jobs. I think a common theme within all of the good presentations is that good presenters are dedicated to their job, and can therefore speak more clearly and fluently about it.