Connecticut JSHS

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

The Conneticut JSHS allows students to experience the research of other students.  In 100-200 proofed, succinct words, please comment on your learning.

11 Responses to “Connecticut JSHS”

  1. Tyler W. Says:

    At the JSHS, one of the most important and most striking lessons I learned was about the collaboration within the scientific community. As I watched oral presentations, and was led around the physics labs within UConn, I saw scientists researching and studying small pieces of a giant puzzle. Each researcher or team would take a small part of a large problem. That research would be based off previous work done, and their results would be the basis of some future work. This sharing of information really gave me a feel for what my future career might be like, when I am working in the scientific field. It’s a great feeling, to know that my research is part of something even larger than myself.

  2. David S. Says:

    The JSHS was a great experience to the college life, that I will be fully experiencing in a few years. The UCONN campus was a beautiful campus, that I can surely see myself going to. Also watching the oral presentations, provided a comparison to my one. Much of the projects compared to mine were much greater in detail and were also the presentation skills were far superior to my one. This science symposium, was also a huge nerd fest like the Connecticut Science Fair. This made even John look like a real man. One thing that I do not understand was why all the winners at the JSHS and the CTSF either had a towel on there head or Chinese, whats up with this crap.

  3. Gannon F. Says:

    One of the most interesting parts of the JSHS was experiencing the laboratories in which the scientists worked. I learned a lot from taking the tour, and was fascinated by how many different technologies could be used. For example, MRI machines were used to examine water samples, and piezoelectric crystals were used as a centrifuge on a very small scale. The oral presentations were very interesting to watch as well, because the presenters knew their project back and forth, some barely reading off the powerpoints. It was inspiring to watch them speak, because they had worked very hard to get to the point they were at.

  4. Amanda W. Says:

    While participating in JSHS I was able to witness all the hard work that goes into presentations, and the end outcome. Seeing the other students projects made me see that I some day could also take part and create such a detailed and significant project. As a whole the JSHS was extremely inspiring and is something I aspire to someday present at. The overnight experience has made me greater appreciate my own bed, and above ground one stall shower. Being able to see parts of Uconn’s campus was very interesting, and has excited me for my future college career. The tour I was given was of the green houses, where I saw many interesting plants and learned about their climate and history.

  5. John K Says:

    The JSHS was a very rewarding expierence. It prepared me for the CT Science fair because I saw what everybody project and how the entire process works. The oral presentations were hard to pay attention to, but showed me how much work is involved in doing one. The tour of the Chemistry was very interesting. The best part of the tour was when we went into the basement and saw the mega magnet. This magnet was very powerful and we were even allowed to play with it. The JSHS was very fun and interesting.

  6. The Red Wonder Says:

    I felt that the JSHS showed me most how the process of running a successful project in the science research field works and the amount of time and effort required. I did not pay attention at first to the oral presenters, but once I started to I realized how much time these students put in and the quality of the projects. I would never have thought of most of the topics presented to even think about, but I believe I learned a great deal how to operate my project to turn a regular project into a superb one. The sleep was terrible and the food was even worse, but I think they made up for it with the tours of the engineering department. Charlie told me it would be terrible, but I enjoyed it greatly.

  7. Charlie W. Says:

    The JSHS, both years for me, has always been a rewarding experience. It helps someone like me get a look at different science fields so that one day I can finally chose which one I wish to pursue in my later years. Also, it shows me the huge amount of work that the oral presenters put into there power points and the amount of knowledge that each person had to have on their own topic. Another thing was the long times that some of them had spent perfecting their speech in order to ensure no mispronunciations or misuses of words. But the JSHS has taught me more then just how to present. Just this year, during the tours of the chemistry labs, I saw the lab that I would love to work in. also, it has taught me not to forget a towel for showering and to never assume what is coming next. It was an enjoyable experience for me as I am sure it was for everyone else and I’ll be more then happy to experience it again, hopefully as an oral presenter myself, competing tor the main prize. A chance to go to the college I wish for free. A college we all know and love, The University of Connecticut.

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