Interests in science

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

In 100 proofed, succinct words: What are your interests and/or passions in science? What makes this (these) areas of study exciting? Have they impacted you as an individual?

19 Responses to “Interests in science”

  1. Sam Says:

    For a project i am mostly looking at genetics and the human body. I am very interested in genetic diseases among new borns as well as cancer, being so revalent in society today. I feel these topics are interesting because they are forever changing.

    -Sam Wong

  2. kendra Says:

    A field of science that I was really interested in was astronomy. Considering the fact that I never got to learn any thing about our solar system or any other stars or planets, asteroids, black holes, ect, I am very interested in researching this field. I also feel that astronomy is constantly changing, and that society is constantly finding new discoveries, and is becoming more significant to our lives every day.
    — Kendra O’Connor

  3. Dan Bunger Says:

    I am interested in two topics: geobacter becteria, and/or biological transmutations. The geobacter bacteria have numerous applications because of their appility because of their ability “breathe rust.” The geobacter were only discovered in 1987, so there is a lot more research to be done. Biological transmutations because of the possibility of it having a significant effect on the understanding of all of chemistry. However, with the theory of slowly releasing enourmous amounts of energy, this could be too far-fetched. The geobacter have not affected me, however they could in the future if they are harnessed and used to slow or stop rust formation. Biological transmution could be affecting all biological organisms, if it is true. It could be used in a variety of areas, even preventing osteoporosis.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I am really interested in looking at the human brain and the electrical signals of it. There is so much more to learn about ourselves, as an organism. As an individual, I had an EEG taken this summer on me, and I came to realize the doors research like this could open. This would teach everybody, and nobody has done it yet. Chemistry also sounds very interesting, because it explains why things happen. Engineering also seems fascinating, learning about how things work. These are all relevant topics today, from artificial intelligence and building computers designed to work like the brain, to making more fuel-efficient cars.
    -Sarah Peck

  5. Luke Says:

    The field of science that I am interested in is Cell Biology, icluding DNA, and Human Genome. It is very incredible how a microscopic object can manipulate a human. The discovery of the Human Genome is helping many scientists find cures for diseases and genetic disorders.

    – Luke Fernandes

  6. Harriet Morgan Says:

    The area of research that interests me for the applied science research project this year is the study of cell regeneration. This is an area of science which is changing and growing rapidly for the better. This interests me due to the fact that it could someday benefit the human race, providing new cures for diseases and promote the quality of life for future generations.

  7. sarah gutbrod Says:

    I am interested in conducting research in the medical field as it can open new doors to treatment and understanding. I am an EMT and plan on pursuing a biomedical major in college next year so I see this as a great opportunity to get a head start. Although I am open to any research within this field I am especially interested in allergic reactions as there has been such a surge of people with a severe reaction to allergens, expecially to nuts in our generation. There are theories out there however it is still uncertain as to the cause of this popular severe sensitvity and research in this field would be very benefical to a great number of people. -Sarah Gutbrod

  8. Jonathan Says:

    The field of science I would like to undertake through this course is pharmacology. With the ever increasing demand of new and improved pharmaceuticals consumers could be potentially taking these drugs, unknowingly, leading them closer to their demise or unwanted long term secondary effects (i.e. aleve is suspected to significantly increase the likelihood of heart attacks). I’d like to go in depth and gain a better understanding of how drugs effect the human body.

  9. drew Says:

    As of now, I’m only brainstorming to try to find problems that need solving. One possibility for a field of science is ecology, and one huge source of data right in our area is Fairfield Hills. The oil spill a few years back and the fear of asbestos if the building is torn down both had/ could have a huge impact on the environment. Other than that, the area of studies is still vast. Other prospects include biochemistry, physics, or genetics.
    -Drew Taylor

  10. Lauren Says:

    I have recently become very interested in the science of the human brain. A branch of science that I find extremely interesting is Geolotology, the study of laughter, and specifically the study of laughter on the brain. Even today, how the brain processes humor remains unknown. Gelotologists understand that puns are “understood” by gyri, which are the bumps on the cerebral cortex, on the left side of the brain. Some complex, non-word jokes are processed by right gyri, but trigger activity in other regions of the brain. Gelotologists have found that it is almost as though the left side of the brain sets up the joke, while the right side “gets it”. Though at first gelotology does not seem like a serious branch of science, it is quite interesting, and there have been some studies that lead people to believe laughter is beneficial humanity’s health as well.

  11. alex Says:

    My interest in science is virology. This area of biology has interested me ever since I learned about it as a sophomore and read about it in two great books The Hot Zone and Demon in the Freezer. Virus’s interest me because they are some of the smallest life forms in the world we cant even see them and they can easily kill millions of people. Its so interesting how they have been around since the beginning of life on this planet how viruses have evolved and jumped species to survive.
    Alex Albritton

  12. gabby Says:

    I am very interested in doing my project in the field of environmental science, especially river studies. I plan to do a project involving the Housatonic River. I was very interested in the river studies we did last year in Biology and that is why I would like to do a project based around environmental science.

    -gabby nastri

  13. maricate Says:

    Sorry it took me so long, but I couldn’t access the website. For a project, I am really interested in biology especially environmental sciences and marine biology. These topics are really interesting to me because I love water and the earth. This past summer I attended a marine science camp where we participated in college field experiements and tested water samples in the lab. I really enjoy learning about the ocean and its creatures because I feel the science world should know more about this massive part of our planet. If I do not do experiments on this field I might look into virology or bacterial studies because these topics also sparked my interest last year in Biology. I am very open and have a few areas of interest.
    -Maricate Conlon

  14. Alex de Brantes Says:

    The field of science that I am interested in is enviormental. I want to base my project around fuel, and fuel emissions since it is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Jokes aside though, I believe fuel is a huge topic because everyone is comlaining about along with the fact that it causes extensive damange to our enviorment. I look forward to scheduling a meeting and brainstorm some ideas for a project.

  15. Laura K Says:

    I have two interests. I am interested in the effects of medicine upon the body, side effects of certain medications, and if certain things can be cured or made better through medicine. The way that the brain and body work astounds me. Also, I am interested in what surrounds me and news on my surroundings. I’m interested in the Reid Middle School and its benthic macroinvertebrates, soil with possible residual hydrocarbons, and its water chemistry after the oil spill. I believe that both the body and environment are two developing and interesting parts of science.

    – Laura Konkos

  16. Greg " The man " Whitehead Says:

    Science…What can we say about science, except that it is the backbone of our existence. With this in mind, i have found myself to be expecially partial to plants, and other horticulteral fields. For my main research i am going to dive into the expansive world of plant cloning through micropropagation, and test tube studies. I look forward to meeting with you about this spine tingling project.


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