Careers in Science

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Degrees in science are now considered valuable to enter a variety of professional fields. What are some of the unique benefits of pursuing a career or degree in science?

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  1. Dan Bunger Says:

    One of the big advantages of pursueing a carear or degree in science would be the demand for well-trained individuals with a bachelors (or even better a masters or doctorate) in science or engineering. Businesses all over are working hard to set up camps and training schools to lure kids into a carear in science. One goal is, “doubling the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded in science, technology, engineering and math by 2015, from roughly 200,000 a year to 400,000.” This means that there is a large demand and people that choose to enter into a carear in science would most luikely be rewarded with high pay and job security. Also, because science is such an expansive field, and it is constantly growing, there is a wide variety of job possibilities. With jobs in engineering, biomedical engineering, biochemitry, biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics and many others, there is bound to be a subject that particularly interests you. With high demand and wide possibilities, there are many perks to entering into a carear in science.

  2. alex albritton Says:

    Science is part of so many fields of work from medical, to industrial, to technological. Because of this it could be an invaluable part of an education to learn some of what science has. It would be even better to get a degree in a science because it allows for flexibility. Just because some one gets a degree in chemistry doesn’t mean that they can’t move on to some thing like a technological field medical drug research.

  3. Sarah Says:

    In almost every field there is one or many aspects revolving around science. Baking, for example, is all about chemistry. One needs the right levening agents, the correct ratio of flour to liquid, a binding substance like egg, and much more. In marketing, statistics are vital to choose a major audience. Even in the arts such as photography, chemicals are used to develop the film.

    Degrees in science could be absolutely necessary to any of these fields, and more.

    A career in science would explain why things work and happen the way they do: Why pancakes and waffles have different recipes, which chemicals do what in photography development. A career in science lays a basic groundwork for almost any questions one may have, from how electricity works to how to get out those set-in stains.

    -Sarah Peck

  4. Greg " The man " Whitehead Says:

    The Field of science is very important and useful to the technology field and also just to help man kind advance even more than we already are but enough with all of that technical stuff. Science and the field of science can be easily summeed up in this word poem.
    Never Boring

    As a college major i am greatly interested in horticultre and botany, so maybe i will be a scientist as well.


  5. maricate Says:

    There is now a great demand for science especially the demand for women in science. Many different fields are very important and attract many individuals because people are needed in that field. Some of these sciences include engineering, tehcnology and chemistry/biochemistry. There are national and international businesses that are looking and competing for those top notch educated science grads with masters, bachelors, doctorate, etc. to back up their knowledge and experience. Science is such an expansive topic that each person in our class has some subject to interest them or spark their curiosity and force them to create a question. Personally, I am looking into a few different scientific fields for college. I know that I enjoyed biology and especially marine biology, but I also have been researching and trying out other fields such as Physical Therapy. I also hope that if I like chemistry this year it will open up even more doors and create further opportunities for me in the science world.


    ps- i didn’t realize this blog was set up before our first blog!! sorry!

  6. Laura K Says:

    There is way to many interesting fields within science to know exactly what I would like to pursue when I am older. Although this is true, I’m very interested in careers within biology. Although I haven’t decide whether I would like to be a biologist and solve the problems, or go into education in order to enrich others on biology. I also enjoy the outdoors so something within the environment that involves biology like being a horticulturist would be interesting. Also I might really enjoy going into health care by dealing with patients or helping come up with drugs and cures to help these patients. Even being a lawyer with an environmental advocacy organization to protect endangered species or something I would find worthwhile to spend part of my life fighting for would be equally interesting. My Aunt sells certain products within biology for a company, this believe it or not takes a lot of knowledge and education within science in order to understand and sell such products to others to help hospitals, schools, environmental organizations, and so much more. Plus, I really enjoy being able to work more and get more results, and its seems with science there’s so many possibilities to get your doctors degree, etc., so you can keep working hard and benefiting from that throughout your whole life.

    –Laura Konkos

  7. Lauren Says:

    In recent years, it seems as though many people have been choosing to pursue careers in the business world instead of going to school to obtain some sort of science degree. Within the field of science there are so many options and the reccent demand for employeeswith backgrounds in science has become a problem because so few opt to do so anymore. Science is also useful in every day life, not just in a job of profession. It can be applied to virtually any process that you can think of, including thinking itself, as well as every day routines such as baking, breathing, and living in general.

  8. Alex Says:

    Careers in science could be very fufiling. I myself will not be pursing any carear in science what so ever. yes you will probably get to expierence numerous thing and so on but the idea itself is not that appealing to me. Aswell I could not live a life that is consumed by my work.

  9. Sam Says:

    The world of science is forever changing, looking into the future jobs witin science will always be around. With the constant evolution within the science field there will never be a time where there isn’t anything to research, discover, investigate. I feel careers in science will always be available and interesting due to the daily advancements. The biggest advantage would be the interaction with science and many other fields. Therefore your unique desire to persue a certain occupation would be granted easily in science because it is so diverse and can be molded to your perference.

  10. Luke Says:

    There are numerous fields in science that can lead you into various paths. You can go into Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry etc. The science fields that I am interested in becoming a physician, possibly a cardiacsurgen. I would also want to go biotechnology. Genetics really interestes me, as well as Cell Biology. I know I would be happy if I am in any of these fields.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The advantages of pursueing a career in the science field is that less and less people are becoming interested in this and thus within a short amount of time there will be a shortage of scientists. In ten years there will be a need for more people in research and technology with degrees in science because science is who we are. If there are not enough scientists then there wil be no more new technology formed and thus the US will fall behind other countires. With so many things left undiscovered and unsolved there is a need for more scientits and because of the high demand it will be easier for people that enjoy science to do what they want.

  12. Sarah Gutbrod Says:

    A benefit to pursuing a degree or career in science is that there will always be a need for scientists in today’s society so long as the trend for advancement continues. There are so many subjects to study within the general realm of science as well as an endless list of occupations to hold and environments to work in. Many large corporations (national and international) as well as our own government are always in demand for new innovative individuals to conduct research and propose new scientific advancements, be they technological, medical, industrial, or for defense purposes. Scientists are on the cutting-edge of all new developments and research and holding a degree in a scientific field would present any individual with endless possibilities to be a part of it. I, personally, plan on pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering and perhaps continuing on to medical school.
    -Sarah Gutbrod

  13. kendra Says:

    Science is such an important part in our lives that choosing a “career in science” would be hard not to do. Science is such a broad idea, with many different branches and studies, that almost everything we do had to do with science in a way. There are so many subjects in science that are completely different from each other, there is bound to be something that attracts some one. Also, science influences the world in ways that are extremly important to our future selves. If the scientists of our past had not persued such a life of discovery and advancement, we surely would not be living in the same ways that we are now. Being able to change the world like that is something that almost everybody is drawn to. That is why people go into a career of science in the first place–to change the live’s of others. A career in science is one that would be very exciting and interesting, besides the fact that it is so worthwhile.

  14. Gabby Nastri Says:

    Science is such an influencial part in society today. Careers in science are everywhere from medical to careers in technology. Science is such a major career field because it is so broad. The different brances of science make it easy to find something you are really interested in. I personally am very interested in a career in meterology and hope that this course will spark more of an interest, or lead me on a different path.

    _gabby nastri

  15. Drew Says:

    There are many advantages to pursuing a career in science. Even in high school, rewards, scholarships, and money are given to winners of fairs and symposiums. The fields of science are always looking for new interns, especially those who double major in business and a science. Part of large corporations deals with science in some way, whether it be environmental, or business related. Anatomy is a huge field as well, because it deals with doctors, physical therapists and trainers. So many possibilities are available if you obtain a degree in science.

  16. Jonathan Bryant Says:

    The science field is forever expanding as technology and better understanding of how things work are being discovered. This creates a wide range of potential jobs and new job openings as the science field grows. Pursuing a career in science has many benefits; what was previously stated being one of many reasons. The science field is always looking for creative minds whom are interested to undertake exciting and challenging problems and there are so many problems still yet to be solved in such an extensive field that theres bound to be something that you are interested in. Science improves our lives everyday; taking up a career in science can be seen as giving back to your community which in turn aids the human race in its never ending desire of knowledge. Science also encompasses not only its subfields (i.e. chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) but also politics, literature, and economics having a major effect on all of these subjects. Science can be seen as a benefit to all of mankind with constant boundaries just waiting to be crossed.

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