Sell your project

Author: Frank LaBanca, Ed.D.

Write a title for your project and write a 1 sentence or 1 phrase description of it. The purpose of the title and description is to sell your project to a prospective funder — the person or organization that would give you money to conduct your research.

I will use these titles and descriptions in our Holiday Symposium program book.

Please feel free to leave comments and feedback to your colleagues as well as offer suggestions for breakfast on the day I will do my presentation (Mon 18th).

9 Responses to “Sell your project”

  1. Ivan Says:

    “The effect of ultrafast high voltage pulses on the reproductive capabilities of malignant cells”

    This project is aimed at developing upon a method of slowing down or stopping the growth of tumors by subjecting them to extremely fast and high voltage pulses of electricity.

  2. maricate c Says:

    “The Bacterial Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls using Pseudomonas Grown on BioSep Beads”

    This project is aimed to develop a new application for the bacterial degradation of PCBs in which Pseudomonas are grown within, and applied using, newly developed and highly dense BioSep Beads.

  3. Scott R. Says:

    “The Health of Local Streams and the Effect of Stocked Brook Trout on Native Populations”
    This project is aimed to find out if stocked trout are crossbreeding with native brook trout. It will also find out the health of macro invertebrates, water quality, and soil quality, in small streams around Newtown.

  4. drew t Says:

    -The Simulation, Fabrication, and Testing of a Novel Metamaterial at a Near-Infrared Frequency-

    The goal of this project is to create a metamaterial that can bend near-infrared rays around a protected area and be reoriented so that they continue in the same direction from which they came.

  5. jason h Says:

    “Preventing windshield glare using one-way glass.”

    The goal of this project is to test one-way glass in different light conditions to see if it could work as a windshield that bounces headlight rays away from the driver’s eyes.

  6. Grant Kurtz Says:

    “Integrating facial recognition software for high secuirty into everyday digital cameras”

    -The goal of this project is to not only make a program which reads and compare’s a user’s eye to allow or deny acces to information or opening of doors, but to be able to use any camera plugged into the software.

  7. Allison C Says:

    “Predicting Patterns of Genetic Traits in Invasive Species Through the Invasion of Phragmites australis”

    This project collects and analysis the DNA of Phragmites australis, an invasive wetland grass, to find genetic patterns in invasive species and predict these tendencies in other organisms.

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